Protect Your Vehicle

                                                         LUXCARE XT Protection is an exterior and interior environmentally-friendly appearance protection product.
                                             This product incorporates cutting-edge nanotechnology that penetrates the clear coat to provide long-lasting protection.

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ThreeForOne Road Hazard Protection bundles the coverages you need to keep your car looking new and in safe condition.  The comprehensive program covers repairs to your tires and wheels, windshield, and paintless dent repair - a revolutionary process that makes dings virtually disappear.  By combining three coverages into one program , you get more benefits for less cost.

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The ultimate peace of mind protection, PlatinumPlus provides coverage for any covered breakdown of your vehicle plus additional items should they become worn.

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GAP - Guaranteed Asset Protection
GAP helps to protect you financially in the event of unrecoverable theft or total loss as a result of accidental damage. When a vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or totaled in an accident, you could owe more than your insurance company will actually pay. GAP coverage helps cover the difference between what the insurer pays and the amount you still owe on your loan or lease.  

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Comprehensive, complementary and cost-efficient protection to keep your car safe to drive, affordable to maintain and looking great. • Comprehensive protection Road Hazard Plus bundles our tire and wheel, paintless dent repair, windshield protection and key replacement protection plans. • Complementary protection Road Hazard Plus includes emergency roadside assistance, first-day rental car coverage and more. • Cost-effective protection Our bundled, comprehensive protection gives you additional benefits for less cost.

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DriverPlus Pre-Paid Maintenance
-Protect yourself from rising costs
-Sustain reliability and performance
-Satisfy vehicle warranty requirements
-Services performed at your selling dealership

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The MECHANIC mechanical repair service contract offers you different levels of affordable, uninterrupted coverage that can fit any budget.  It helps protect you from the cost of unexpected repairs, giving you peace of mind.